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Plus we put out scheduled Biweekly Update Lines every 2 weeks between issues and numerous interim/flash update lines in between those (see below).

With a few exceptions (usually due to holiday weekends) we publish every 6 weeks.  Each issue includes a new recommendation and a detailed update (averaging about 1/2 page) on each and every stock we've recommended (and not yet advised selling).  Thus you actually receive a detailed update on stocks followed in BI Research more frequently than almost any other newsletter.  Issues are priced on Friday, finalized over the weekend, printed on Monday, and mailed out late that day. If Monday is a holiday, of course, then it's shifted one day.  The date appearing on the issue is two days after the above mailing date.  This is the date on which most of our subscribers should receive the issue, + or - a day... postal system willing.

Plus, Interim Updates-

In addition there will be regularly scheduled Biweekly Updates recorded on our telephone Update Line on Monday evenings every two weeks between issues (see the bottom of page 12 of each issue to find the phone number, which changes periodically).  There are also often other recorded "Interim Updates" betweeen these official Biweekly Update Lines, as circumstances and developments in our stocks warrant.  These are then summarized in our regular issues.  The full text of all Update Lines and all issues are also available via our Email Level Service as soon as issued.... costs a little more but worth it. (Click on ther link)

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